About Source Cloud

Source Cloud Technologies is a mission-driven company whose pursuit of global issues differentiates us from capabilities-oriented or industry-aligned professional services firms.
Together, these factors lead to Source Cloud's ultimate mission:

We aim at providing tailor made solutions for every kind of issue which is raised to us.

By appropriately applying tenents of the “triple bottom line” philosophy (consciously considering profit, people, and planet), much of the way we think and operate differs from the conventional way of conducting business. We carefully examine business opportunities to ensure that they not only represent significant market opportunities, but that they also have the potential to drive positive meaningful impact in society.
Serving Our Employees

We foster an environment of diversity, accountability, and collaboration. We equip our staff with the tools, training, and opportunities for life-long careers. We celebrate and reward individual, team, and corporate achievement.

Serving Our Clients

We balance a process-oriented approach with a passion for innovation. We listen intently to our clients and embrace their missions as our own. We endeavor to deliver all projects on time, in scope, and within budget.

Serving Our Community

We expect the highest ethical standards of ourselves and our partners. We seek to advance the common good professionally and personally. We promote social responsibility and local community service.

Source Cloud Technologies


Advancing the Global Good.

Source Cloud’s CEO describes this mission well: “The highest form of capitalism is the private sector advancing public interests, profitably. Source Cloud is proving that a mission-driven, socially responsible business can lead to sustainable competitive advantage and substantial corporate valuation.” Source Cloud Technologie's purpose within this mission is to bridge the gap between strategy and execution for clients in markets that not only provide profit, but profound social impact potential as well.
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A Culture of Servant Leadership

At Source Cloud, we strive to demonstrate servant-leadership towards our employees, for our clients, and in the community. While the notion of “paying it forward” has penetrated our personal lives, perhaps being a “go-giver” is the natural extension in our professional worlds. After all, the concept of the marketplace is that products and services are exchanged in such a manner that all the needs of a society are met. If business only focuses on getting and not on giving, the foundational principle of the market is violated leading to an environment of scarcity and distrust. We must be better than that. Our goal is to become “go-givers”

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