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Source Cloud combines technology and staffing expertise to serve clients that address complex issues in both the private and public sectors.

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Source Cloud combines technology and staffing expertise to serve clients that address complex issues in both the private and public sectors.


Whether its native, web or mobile, at the heart of every application are processes and business logic. Source Cloud strives to understand our clients’ businesses in addition to their technology needs in order to effectively identify innovative ways to improve the way they do business. Our approach to delivering these services provides the necessary visibility into the reasons why existing processes are inefficient, while offering technical recommendations and delivering against them.

Aligned with the main tenet of our mission, Source Cloud partners with clients to maximize the business value from their technology investments. Whether a client has already purchased licenses or is just starting work on a new system, Source Cloud can help deliver immediate value from the investment. Source Cloud has the experience to help our clients not only gather the end user requirements but to use those findings to develop quality application designs which will translate into highly functional applications.


Developing and integrating applications at the enterprise level requires a holistic approach that looks beyond the IT infrastructure and into the business needs of the organization.

Identifying the types of information that are needed by decision-makers is the process that leads to systems that are deployed and then adopted by an organization. Source Cloud provides a suite of custom and COTS development and integration services including application development, legacy modernization, and enterprise integration.


Modernizing legacy systems is a challenge for any organization. Companies are often faced with having to sustain and develop mission critical applications for which there is limited documentation, completely undocumented models, or millions of lines of undecipherable code with none of the original staff still present. Source Cloud delivers Legacy Modernization services that allow you to continue to take advantage of technology investments while gaining modern business agility.

Transitioning to a managed cloud infrastructure requires an experienced team to help strategize, plan, and design the cloud environment. Source Cloud partners with AWS to realize the full value of elastic computing and storage in a pay-as-you-go model. Our cloud transformation offerings are implemented as a managed services model with the explicit objective of enhancing the user experience, cloud performance and security.


Source Cloud’s team utilizes today’s Internet technologies and open standards to deliver solutions that enable agile responses to changing business conditions for our clients.

Source Cloud enables our clients to aggressively stay ahead of the competition, while protecting their investments.


The larger the enterprise, the more the organization depends on IT services and operations for its success. Source Cloud’s diversified portfolio – data, network, software, and project management – provides full lifecycle capabilities that can help any organization increase its productivity.Source Cloud professionals are supported by a robust delivery engine and see themselves as an extension of the customer’s mission. For over a decade, clients have relied on Source Cloud to upgrade their IT infrastructures, conduct data center installations and operations, and migrate enterprise software to leverage new hardware investments.
To ensure seamless implementations, Source Cloud utilizes its proprietary Source Cloud methodologies to service our clients with a standard, time-tested approach to their challenges – enabling teams to deliver high-quality, repeatable solutions. It combines federal and commercial best practices, resulting in cost benefits; enhanced schedule management and control; improved quality in products and services and greater customer satisfaction.
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